At WONKY we love jokes and wanted to bring them to life through short animated films and unique illustrated content. To do so we thought what better way than to tackle the biggest joke of them all…Why Did the chicken cross the road?. Told in many different forms, many have pondered the answer for years. The answer is more baffling than whether the egg came first but we went on an epic journey of discovery to find out why the chicken crossed the road a journey that took us right back to our little chicken’s childhood.



Animated & Directed by Daniel Binns
Design & Illustration by Peskimo.
Sound by Echoic Audio.
Narrated by Cameron Stewart.
Produced by Wonky Films


Canterbury Anifest, Sept 2012
London International Animation Festival, Oct 2012
Cinanima, Nov 2012
BBC Big Screens & Show Me The Animation National Animation Screening, Dec 2012
Show Me The Animation “Best of The West”, Oct 2012
London Animation Club “Battle Royale”, Nov 2012
OFAFA Poland, March 2013